PROBLEMATICS IN MANAGEMENT AND WAQF EMPOWERMENT (Study at Indonesian Waqf Board Representative of Lampung Province)

  • Ahmad Fauzi UIN Raden Intan Lampung
Keywords: Problematics, Management, Utilization of Waqf, BWI Lampung


The effectiveness and efficiency of waqf property management is important to do so that progress can be measured, as well as to avoid tabdzir that is detrimental to the ummah. For example, land around a mosque that is not productive is usually left alone, even though the land can be used and the proceeds are for the maintenance of the mosque. Waqf Management and Utilization (PPW) in Indonesia. This research focuses on examining the Management and Utilization of Waqf in BWI, Lampung Province. This research is an empirical normative legal research. This research model is qualitative, which focuses on the assumptions about the symptoms in the research that are holistic (complete, cannot be separated) so that it will not determine the research based on research variables, but the overall social situation under study which includes aspects of place, actor and activities that interact synergistically. The empirical juridical approach will be directed at the implementation of regulations that are in accordance with Indonesian law carried out at BWI Lampung Province. The result of this study is that the Indonesian Waqf Board has a strategic function in helping waqf management more productively. The Indonesian Waqf Board is able to respond to the problems faced by society in general and Muslims. The main tasks such as administering to managing waqf funds must be in line with the program that has been created. However, in reality, waqf which is mostly managed by the Indonesian Waqf Board still includes immovable objects, while for movable object waqf is still not managed optimally, only movable object waqf in the form of money they are starting to manage, because there are still many people who do not know the objects that can be used. waqf other than land and buildings. The problems faced by BWI Lampung province are a challenge for the current management to administer, manage and manage waqf assets properly.